Turnstone Bio


Turnstone Bio

Turnstone Biologics is a clinical stage biotech company with programs aimed at millions of cancer patients underserved by existing treatments. To complement their second-floor office space, they took possession of the building’s basement and needed help designing collaboration and touchdown spaces for out-of-town employees. They also required a kitchen, private lounge area, and team lounge area.

With cool, modern furniture, brightly coloured fabrics, and fun lighting, we helped bring energy to an otherwise dark and windowless basement, creating a space where employees felt comfortable and productive. Narrow stair access can be a challenge, but we broke out our tools, carefully disassembled a few pieces, and seamlessly put them back together. The results were so great that Turnstone took everything with them when they moved to a new space a few years later.

Allsteels’ fantastic Rise, Reflect, and Clubhouse furniture pieces gave this space so much character. The project design wouldn’t have been possible without Emagispace’s expert input.


787 Bank Street, Ottawa, ON  K1S 3V5


Workplace Consulting
(Workplace Trends; 3D Visualization; AV Technology)

Project Planning
(Office Planning; Project Management; Delivery & Installation)

Post Installation Services – Day 2
(Furniture Maintenance; Warranty Services; Cleaning)