How We Help

We offer an array of workplace services from trends, benchmarking, budgeting, research, application development, and more for corporate, government, healthcare, and education clients.

We’re strategically partnered with HNI, a leading global office furniture company whose brands (Allsteel, Gunlocke, HBF, and HON) are among the strongest, most widely known, and respected in our industry.

Pairing HNIs offerings with those of various open-line manufacturers, strategic partnerships, and showrooms in Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal, we’re perfectly positioned to help you develop an inspiring, comfortable, and safe space that stimulates productivity, and takes organizational performance to new heights.

  • Remove the complexity of spatial design and change management
  • Minimize the risks of taking on big new projects
  • Benefit from our seamless service execution
  • Rest assured the project will be on time and on budget
  • Feel secure working with a fully accountable team of experts
  • Leave a world-class impression on anyone who enters your space

Our Product Specialties

Angled view of long desk with office seating
View of individual and private workspace
Image of meeting room with seating and large table
Meeting Rooms
Image of work from home office space
Work From Home
Private collaboration space with glass windows and modular seating
Collaboration Spaces
Office space with semi-private meeting room with accent walls
Architectural Products
Image of a desk and chair in a private office with accessories on shelves
Private Office
Conceptual seating area with acoustic panels on wall and ceiling
Acoustic Solutions
Ergonomic desk workspace with stand-up desk and specialty keyboard stand
Close-up of office lockers

Our Services

Workplace Consulting

  • Workplace trends
  • Budgeting tools
  • Ergonomics
  • 3D visualization
  • AV technology
  • LEED and WELL certifications
  • Back-to-workplace strategies

Project Planning

  • Office planning
  • Project management
  • Landfill diversion (decommissioning)
  • Virtual staging
  • Delivery and installation

Financing and Leasing

  • Budget calculator
  • Capital conservation
  • Tax advantages
  • Facilities budgeting
  • Fixed costs
  • Utility value concept
  • Obsolescence avoidance
  • Flexibility and simplicity

Government of Canada Supply Arrangement

Post-Installation Services

  • Field coordination
  • Moves and changes
  • Asset management and storage
  • Furniture maintenance, warranties, and cleaning

Industrial Shelving, Storage and Automation

  • Cantilevers
  • Carton flow
  • Double deep racking
  • Drive-ins & drive-throughs
  • Mezzanines & catwalks
  • Mobile racking
  • Mobile shelving
  • Pallet flow
  • Pushback
  • Very narrow aisles


Mistakes are costly. Renovating a space, evolving its culture, managing trades, maintaining a schedule, and sticking to a budget – all these aspects of change carry significant risks and costs.

A renovation is often the largest investment an organization makes in its people, so it needs to be done right. Our approach helps our customers maximize their ROI (Return On Investment) on every project.


Timelines and Real Estate

We connect you with real estate and design professionals. We also help you determine the optimal size of your new space and the amount of real estate needed to make it work. At the same time, we know you’re on a budget, so we walk you through leasing and financing options that fit your needs.


Workplace Consulting

We can help you, your clients, and their people through any change, whether that’s office branding, organizational behaviours and culture, or employee retention and attraction. And no, this doesn’t cost more money. It’s just something we offer as part of our approach.


Product Selection

We have the largest breadth and depth of product offerings in the industry, with brands that embody everything from the cost-effective to the premium and ensure high quality right down to the last detail, including fabrics and finishes. To top it all off, we offer real-time virtual design so you can see the space take shape before your eyes.


Our Secret Sauce

How have we successfully managed the spatial transformations we’re so well known for? One word: Process. We use onsite measurements to ensure accuracy and 3D visuals to confirm fits and finishes. We place your orders for you and monitor their in-factory progress.

We deliver and install the products before switching our focus to post-installation services, including a manual for using your new spaces, as well as ergonomic and product training. At NUA, we’re proud of our process and all the teams and partnerships that make it possible.


With so much pandemic-related uncertainty in the economy, it’s a great time to consider leasing furniture and technology products. Not only that, leasing helps you save on taxes, maintain flexibility and simplicity, stay on trend, and manage your budgets.

Put simply, leasing allows you to focus on your core business.

Leasing Calculator
Conceptual seating area with chair and high-back sofa


Proudly based in Canada. NUA partners with leading national brands to give our customers their choice of product offerings, prices, aesthetics, and performances. With three showroom locations, we work with leading Canadian manufacturers and suppliers. And, while our national roots mean a lot to us, we’re open and well poised to work with anyone in North America, no matter where they are located.

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